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Quick Guide to Fixing Computer Hardware How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network
Why I Use Generic Computers and Free Software Linux Commands to Display Hardware Information
Computers on TV and in Old Movies Computers on TV and in Old Movies - Part 2
Privacy in a Digital Age (presentation slides)

Learn how to fix up and make use of that old computer you have lying around --
How to Make an Old Computer Useful Again
How to Make an Old Computer Useful Again (presentation slides)
How to Make a REALLY Old Computer Useful Again

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Hype Curves -- I invented this widely-adopted concept back in 1992 -- Read the original 1992 article

Another idea I had was Open Consulting

Manage your IT career --
   Is There Life After Programming? What Will You Do Next?
   How Low-wage Imported Workers Affect Your IT Career
   In Your 20s? Seize Control of Your IT Career Now

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The Ultimate Guide to the Tonette  -- the only article on the web about this fascinating little instrument

Folk Flutes: Ocarinas, Recorders, Tin Whistles, and Native American Flutes  -- which folk flute is right for you?

Tonettes, Song Flutes, Flutophones, and Precorders  -- make beautiful music with cheap instruments some consider toys

The Overtone Flute: Ancestor to All Flutes  -- learn about the ancestor to all flutes