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How To's --

How to Write Portable Code The Rexx Standards Coding for Best Practices Rexx Style Guide How To Code Arrays (tables) How Associative Arrays Work How Rexx Arithmetic Works How Regular Expressions Work How to Install Rexxes on Rasp Pi RexxLA Symposium Presentations

Mainframe specific --

The Many Uses of Rexx on Z JCL to Rexx Interface Examples How to Code Rexx EXECIO How to Code Rexx/TSO File Operations Coding ISPF with Rexx Rexx Mainframe Coding Techniques System REXX and SYSREXX

Books --

The Rexx Language, 2nd Edition NetRexx 2 Rexx Programmers Reference Programming in Rexx by Charles Daney Gabriel Goldberg's Rexx Handbook TSO/E Rexx Users Guide Open Object Rexx Programmer's Guide The Rexx ANSI Standard